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There will be free pizza for all Tucson trash mutants that come.

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Be thar or b skwar!!!

New Videos w/ Ricky Shabazz


We helped work on the visuals for Ricky Shabazz's new project called Rhymes After Dark. Here is the first one in the series. Check 'em all out my dudez and dudetz!

Welcome to CARNE AND QUESO World!


A new intro/outro segment to add to psychedelic video. Some of the animation is taken from a video we worked on for the Toothy Wavy album. Check it out!



There is some new clothing, skateboards, candles, and goodies up at the webstore!

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Tales From the Stock Photo Vault


While trying to find stock photos for design jobs, an occasional diamond in the rough will present itself. Or to put it differently...
While mindlessly scanning through the bland sewage stream of corporate blah known as "stock photos", an occasional weird piece of shit will float to the surface that makes you go "WTF?" With the right balance of confusing message and emotionally ambiguous modeling an ordinary piece of mass-market throw-away photography transcends into the realm of actual entertainment.

We told a pictorial history of our economy's collapse in our last stock photo expose and today we have some recent additions to the CARNE AND QUESO Stock Photo Hall of Fame which we filed under "Corporate Power Violence". There is even off-color commentary on each splendid sample. Enjoy... or not.

Oakley Sunglasses™ aren't just for early 2000s bros anymore. 

Now thats what I call a MAN-icure.

Harry Potter 5: Mugged by Muggles


 XXXtreme-Guy Nitro-blasted Suicide Rope 5.0 

Salvia gives me the strength of .75 men!

A dramatic reading of Shades of Grey.

This bird will always fly FREE.

Hey Janet, who woulda thought "offing the pigs" would be so fun!?

FACT:  More Dads injure themselves each year trying to coerce their estranged families into family photo sessions than all injuries caused by lawn mowers or lawn mower related incidents. 

"Now thats what I call a MAN-icure." - Me

The 14 Layer Burger Shred Sled of Doom

The 14 Layer Burger Shred Sled of Doom can be hung in on your wall to wet the mental appetites of your guests, or to shred some cement beyond infinity.

Very limited quantities. Act now before they all eaten.

CARNE and QUESO X Larosa Boards

Visit the store here!

Custom Denims from Summer 2012


Upper Crust Punx

The Carne and Queso custom denim from Summer 2012. They were only for sale on the store for a total of 4 days before they were sold out, so we thought we would belatedly share them with the cyber denizens of planet Earth as Summer comes to a close.

 Keep watch for more custom denim to keep you warm and fly in the Winter.

Bill Murray's Spirit Quest 
Acid washed denim jacket. Custom patches, found fabric, pins, studs

Real Cat Magik Denim Cut Off 
Acid washed denim jacket. Custom patches, found fabric, pins, studs

Snake Blisken Neo-Rave Mutant
Hand dyed denim jacket. Custom patches, found fabric, pins, studs

Slacker Pride
Acid washed denim jacket. Custom patches, found fabric, pins, studs

Earth-bound Cyber Alien 
Hand dyed denim jacket. Custom patches, found fabric, pins, studs

New Propaganda


An update on art, design and video that Carne and Queso has been slaving away at in the pit of graphic design despair. Enjoy!

Steve Buscemi Fantasy Island 

Cover for Isaiah Toothtaker and Rapewolf's Album "Rob Zombie"

Poster design for Isaiah Toothtaker

Shirt design for UGLY KIDS

Shirt design for UGLY KIDS

Shirt design for UGLY KIDS

Shirt design for UGLY KIDS

Poster design for Alto Arizona

New album

Poster for our favorite politician




Punk as fuck, yet a keen eye for aesthetics, and an expert use of public theater to expose the oh so absurd machinations of the state. Pussy Riot's freedom is probably the easiest cause to ever support.

August 17th is the global day of action in support of three members of the musical collective, Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, and Ekaterina Samoutsevitch, who were arrested and charged with hooliganism over their punk prayer performance at the Cathedral of Christ Church in Moscow. They currently facing 3 years in jail. Find some way to support Pussy Riot.

Here is an ineffectual GIF Carne and Queso made to support the Pussy Riot campaign for freedom and brightly colored ski mask fashion.

Visit  for more information.